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What are landing pages?

A landing page is a small, one page website designed to sell one product or communicate a specific message that is highly targeted to a very specific demographic or psychographic. One page, one goal. 

Why do you need Landing Pages?

Your main website is your catch-all net. A landing page is a precision tool. Landing pages are a vital part of any pay-per-click Ad campaign, S.E.O. strategy, or really ANY marketing campaign. Whatever your marketing strategy is, a landing page will add major muscle. 

Why work with us?

At 2oddballs LLC, we’re experts in standing out and being different. Why would you want to have a cookie-cutter website or landing page that looks like your competition’s?  We specialize in event and entertainment companies, but we can help any business in any industry who wants to be bold and differentiate themselves from their competition.  We’re fiercely creative everyday, and we love what we do. Give us a call!

How to use LANDING PAGES: An Example

One popular way our clients effectively use landing pages is in conjunction with a direct mail campaign. For example, let’s say you want to target high-dollar clients X with product or service Y. We build you a stunning landing page targeted toward High Dollar Clients X that is selling product or service Y ONLY. Nothing else. No clutter. One page, one goal. Next, you buy a bunch of squishy stress balls shaped like feet, and you have something like “Just trying to get a foot in the door.” printed on them along with your landing page address Then you mail the stress ball feet to potential clients. Trust us, it works like magic. Abracadabra! 

Direct mail campaigns, Facebook ad campaigns, google adwords PPC campaigns – landing pages are guaranteed to add OOMPH to any marketing effort!

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